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–Spring 2015 HBCU

"this program has already proven to be instrumental in the delivery of many services we offer students.  Although similar, goHIRE’s conveyance and student engagement is immensely broader, more enlightening with relevant topics, and intriguing to the students. After personally sitting in their workshops, I can attest to their commitment to the students.  The workshops speak the students’ language, and they are listening."

–J. Young, Family Services Director, YMCA

"The training delivered to our staff gave them a realization that their ‘summer job’ had more impact than they thought. We love the energy that Michelle brought. We had a day-long training event and the session before Michelle was pretty content heavy. When Michelle began her session, she first connected and made the training relevant to the audience and she had their attention from there!"

“ I believe goHire is unique and essential to our students because it provides workshops delivered by professionals whose daily engagement with the corporate sector keep them abreast of trending employer needs and concerns."

–Spring 2015 HBCU

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