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T. Burks & Associates is boldly changing the way the world views talent.

There’s no guessing; the college recruiting experience has changed drastically over the last few years, leaving employers baffled at how to reach top-tier college graduates.


The conventional approaches of marketing and recruitment are being called into question, in part, due to two driving factors—external influences and the changing needs of today’s student.


Our team has developed an approach that is revolutionizing college recruiting for employers, students, and educational institutions.


goHIRE focuses on the professional development of minorities entering in the workforce.  While some employers are wondering how to engage underrepresented populations in demanding career fields such as Information Technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), others are just seeking to diversify their corporate culture. No matter the reason, goHIRE brings visibility to talented diverse entry-level graduates in all educational disciplines.


86% of our Spring 2015 goHIRE program participants had jobs BEFORE or within a week of graduation.

We’re revolutionizing the way companies goHIRE!

We seek partners who see the advantages that inclusivity and diversity can bring. If your organization is serious about finding interns or entry-level talent from all backgrounds and committed to creating an environment that ensures people from all cultures have the opportunity to succeed, then we want to partner with you to goHIRE.


Access diverse program participants who have been vetted from several universities and streamline recruiting costs supporting better ROI.




Millennials are rapidly changing the processes of recruiting and engagement. goHIRE is a single source recruitment strategy to identify high performing diversity candidates from several universities in different majors.



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