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GRAB transitive verb

: to take or get (something) in a quick and informal way.

Millennials have a difficult path to navigate in today’s Corporate America.  Do they invent their future or find a place to fit in?  The answer could be both.  Through a gohire speaking event or workshop, we’re here to help students bridge the gap between expectations and reality in college and Corporate America.  Contact us for one of our grab topics.

**Custom Speaking Topics Available

Why should I hire you?


We know students are grappling with the right answer versus the most obvious answer. “I need a job”, I’m broke”, “I have a degree and I’m ready” and so on. However, do they REALLY know how to answer the question and stand out?





How to pour your skills onto a resume that glows with promise.


What to say and wear to separate yourself from the masses.


How to professionally present and respond during various interview scenarios. 



How to manage practical expectations.


Understanding what happens ‘in the meanwhile.’


Conquering the fear of failure. 

Your Job Search is Still Loading.


Graduating is stressful but dealing with it, along with the expectations that come thereafter are incalculable. How will students managing the job search, stay motivated and on course when after-graduation navigation gets murky? This empowering talk will help students pace their potential while their job search is still loading.



From the dorm to the cubicle.


Dorm life shows students how to live and work in tight spaces while collegiate academia taught prioritization and the importance of group work. Even though students study their fields for four (or more) years and completed awesome internships, do they know how to be a reliable part of an organizational team? Burks will give students the tools to navigate through this incredible transition that leaves many new grads in shock.





What students should look forward to.


Who graduates should align with to learn the ropes and climb the ladder.


How to utilize opportunities to show skills and be seen by key players. 

Young, broke and almost famous.

The young adult mind is an interesting but puzzling piece of work. Mixed with high-energy, a dab of dubious friends along with a sense of entitlement can be the makings of a wrong-turn college experience. In this candid talk for sophomores, Tasha Burks will remind students of their real potential, re-align them for success after college and transfer the sense of entitlement, to real “POWER.”
(*Ideal for 2nd semester sophomores)



Put students in HIGH demand.


Readying students for more.


Preparation for a dominant transition after college. 


Recognizing vision and purpose. 

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