The demands and investment of recruiting, hiring and retaining millennial new talent are high. You could begin the long, involved process at crowded campus career fairs, then sift through resumes, and finally sit through several rounds of interviews. In the meantime, your business needs to move forward while you’re hoping to spot your perfect new team member somewhere along the hiring process.

You want quality, professionally developed, diverse talent, and you want to find them with one simple, streamlined recruitment process. You could handle it all yourself, or you could partner with goHIREU.



goHIREU is a professional development program for college grads, and your corporation’s single-source recruitment strategy for the best in well-prepared, diverse talent.

We identify talent from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and  traditionally underrepresented groups from all majors at multiple universities. By educating, training and coaching these young professionals, we’re able to maximize potential, and finalize their career-readiness. And corporations receive workplace-ready talent committed to exceeding expectations. 

With goHIREU, your corporation receives exclusive access to a pool of vetted, professionally prepared, exceptionally skilled, and—most importantly—multiple ways diverse—millennial talent.



Through a series of specialized workshops with custom curriculum to gain soft skills in communication, leadership, critical thinking, work ethic and many more functions, these program participants thrive.  And goHIREU offers ongoing support plus mentorship as they gain experience and leadership after graduation.  


Before they walk through your doors, our grads have already been introduced to navigating the pace and demands of the corporate world. They know how to network. They know how to exceed expectations and thrive under pressure. They know what it takes to be a positive productive team member. And they are ready to work on day one.


Our corporate partners love receiving dedicated, educated, and enthusiastic new talent, and have reaped the benefits of goHIREU’s corporate-centered professionalization. How do we know? 86% of goHIREU’s first class of program participants secured a job within one week of—or before—graduation.

– "Delivering Through Diversity" McKinsey & Company, 2018

In the United States, there is a linear relationship between racial and ethnic diversity and better financial performance:

for every 10 percent increase in racial and ethnic diversity on the senior-executive team, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) rise 0.8 percent.


Racial, ethnic, and gender diversity aren’t just corporate buzzwords. Research shows that diverse companies have higher financial returns. Gender-diverse teams increase revenue by 41%. Publically-traded companies with with high levels of diversity are 70% more likely capture a new market, and 45% more likely to improve market share. And yet, 57% of employees say they wish their company would do more to increase workforce diversity.

goHIREU is committed to helping underrepresented, minority groups, break down barriers in the corporate world. We know they offer corporations unmatched experience, skills, and value. Women and minority team members are better attuned to unmet client needs, especially those with shared backgrounds. Corporations with higher rates of employee diversity better identify and address new market opportunities, and see faster, stronger growth and expansion. If you want your corporation to reflect a globally expansive market, you need a diverse team of talent. Make sure yours is vetted and prepared through goHIREU.

You want to hire the best talent, and you need the assurance of a good match for your corporate needs. We want to deliver the top-rated women and minority candidates into the corporate world. Are you ready to goHIREU?

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